Release a new “P”.

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We have released a version that can display solid models with the 3D preprocessor "P".

The download is included in the package of "3D Magnetic Field Analysis Real-Time Solver Qme".

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P Version 5.0.58 Revision Summary

P version 5.0.58 has significant GUI features compared to the previous P version 5.0.7.

  • Solid model display by OpenGL is now supported. The magnetic field analysis solver Qme side already supports solid model display, but we have added a function in response to the request to display solid models even when creating a model. This enriches the expressiveness of the model and makes it easier to see even in complex three-dimensional objects.
  • Solid model display, like Qme, is a method of displaying a separate subwindow. This makes it possible to display at the same time as the conventional wireframe model, making it easier to create a model.