3-Dimensional Real Time Solver “Qme”

This is a full-scale general-purpose 3D nonlinear dynamic field analysis solver developed by us. Unlike FEM, there is no need for a spatial mesh, and only the magnetic material, magnets, and coils are modeled, and highly accurate magnetic field analysis can be performed by directly integrating analytically. Since no spatial mesh is required, we are good at precision magnetic field analysis with an analysis model that has a particularly large space. In addition, it has various post functions for displaying and analyzing calculation results in real time using multi-thread technology.

It has been introduced in many universities and research institutes that require precise magnetic field analysis.

3-Dimensional Preprocessor “P”

“P” is a preprocessor that creates 3D model data for the magnetic field analysis solver “Qme” and is bundled with “Qme”. Although it is a dedicated 3D preprocessor for “Qme”, it has open specifications and is flexible enough to be used for data creation of general 3D unstructured grids.